My new home page | Where the painting party is at.
October 4, 2009, 9:50 am
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I finally launched the new online home for me, Minnesota painter, Jeffrey Smith! So what does the mean for you?  It means that there is a whole slue of new posts to read over at the Jeffrey Smith Art.    I promise lots of posts focusing on the artistic process and what I paint.

Jeffrey Smith's pochade box set-up

Jeffrey Smith's pochade box set-up. Don't you just love photos where you can see the painting and the actual environment?

I have spent the entire summer plein air painting, and working on my farmer tan.  I have lots and lots that I’d love to share about the process of painting, and the practice of setting artist goals.   Check it out.  If you like what you find, consider joining my mailing list.

Sunday morning plein air with my Mom

Sunday morning plein air. In the garden with my Mom