Sunflowers and the Studio Table
November 30, 2008, 6:53 pm
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Sunflowers and My Studio Table, 9"x12", oil on panel

Sunflowers and My Studio Table, 9x12", oil on linen panel

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I’ve been looking a lot of still life paintings recently.  What I’m finding, is that I’m drawn much more to paintings that are about a space. Paintings that help to show an environment.  I’m trying to bring more of that idea into my current series of  still life paintings.

Today’s post features a wonderful bunch of sunflowers, eucalyptus, and some small yellow wildflowers. My entire studio had a wonderful spring time smell when I walked in.  This painting also shows off my main work table.  It’s really a drafting table that tilts up of down, but I find it most useful in a flat position.  Scattered around the sunflowers, are some plein air sketches from this past summer, and an art book that I have been looking at for inspiration.


New Studio
October 26, 2008, 7:06 pm
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The day has finally come for me to move into my new studio space.  I couldn’t be happier with the space.  I finally have the wood floors that I  dreamed of having in my studio since I was a kid!  The only problem was… the wall color.  A few hours work, with the help of my parents and  partner, and those white walls are a distant memory.

We painted 3 of the walls “Putty”, from Pratt and Lambert.  The last wall has been painted “Sierra Night”, also from Pratt and Lambert.  Both are wonderful colors!

The ceilings are 14′ high…I know–pretty cool.  The only drawback was figuring how I was going to paint that.  I decided to paint up to the 12′ mark.  Take a look at the photo below of my dad and I taping off the top of the walls.

My father and I taping the walls before painting

My father and I taping the walls before painting

Check back for more photos as the studio comes together.

Studio door

Studio door, before

Window in the studio on the north wall

Window in the studio on the north wall, before

The Big Move; Packing it Up.
October 18, 2008, 5:22 pm
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At work in the my current studio on East Hennipen Ave.

At work in the my current studio on East Hennipen Ave.

It’s been a quiet week here on the blog, I know.  I’m very excited to report that I have been packing up my studio in preparation for the big move…  I’ll be picking up my current space, and moving it further into NE Minneapolis. 

The space that I’m leaving has been good to me since moving in 3 years ago.   The exciting part, is that I think the new space is going to be even better.  I’ll have big new windows on the north and west walls letting in a ton of natural light.  This will also be the first time since I left art school at The Atelier that I will have  a studio with hard wood floors. 

Check back again for pictures for the new space!