Yellow Roses and Swedish Tapestry
Yellow Roses and Swedish Tapestry,6x6", oil by Jeffrey Smith

Yellow Roses and Swedish Tapestry,6x6", oil by Jeffrey Smith

I really wanted to try out a yellow background.  I not sure why. That was my over riding thought as I was heading to the studio this morning.  I have had a couple of ideas for larger still life paintings recently using yellow, black, and white. 

Upon arriving at the studio, I opened up the cabinet that holds all of my fabric backdrops.  It turns out, the only yellow that I had was a blue and yellow Swedish table runner.  “No problem.” I thought. “I’ll just repeat the pattern and use it as a wall treatment.”  I’m very pleased with the result.  It gives a wonderful feeling to the space that exists behind the yellow roses and footed silver bowl.


Tulips in Blue and White Jar
Tulips in Blue and white Jar, 12x16", Jeffrey Smith

Tulips in Blue and white Jar, 12x16", Jeffrey Smith

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It truly is a wonderful time to be alive when I can be painting fresh tulips in my Minneapolis, Minnesota studio during the coldest stretch of weather that we have had in 5 years.  Today, the high temperature is expected to stay below zero.  The blue and white jar is another favorite object of mine.  I love the combination of cobalt blue and bright red tulips.

Rock Wall
September 14, 2008, 10:08 am
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Rock Wall, 6x12", oil on panel

Rock Wall, 6x12

Today’s post, also started life as a plein air sketch.  It was done on a square panel.  I questioned when I looked at it, “Do I really need all of this going on?” The top portion featured a pine and birch forest with perhaps too much detail…

Back in Minneapolis, and back in the studio, I decided I was really just interested in the rocks. I selected a new panel, and began repainting. 

The above image is the result.  Much like The Rocks from last week, there is something so wonderful about being able to make paint look solid and heavy.

Late Afternoong Light
September 10, 2008, 6:49 pm
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Late Afternoon Light, 12"x19", pastel on panel

Late Afternoon Light, 12x12

 Today’s post is a pastel painting done on a homemade panel.  I started with a sheet of Gatorboard.  I toned it with Golden Liquid acrylic in a Payne’s gray.  Next, a layer of  pumice gel is applied with a 2″ brush.  The great thing with these panels, is the texture left behind.  The peaks and valleys from the pumice gel allows the tone underneath to show through when a stick of pastel is drawn across.  These spots of color gives a nice vibration to the painting.



Late Afternoon Light, detail
Late Afternoon Light, detail