Como Park Pines
Como Park Pines
Como Park Pines, 8×10″, oil on panel, Jeffrey Smith

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This painting was done en plein air.  That is the fancy way of saying that it was painted on location outside, in plain air.  Painting on location can be quite difficult; the light changes, there’s bugs, you have to hike around with your gear…. Then there are times like this!  I had such a great time standing amongst the pine trees in the St.Paul Minnesota park!!  It was a beautiful day in august when I painted the above scene.  If you look close at the bottom of the painting, you can see the under-painting.  For this one, I used English Red, brushed on with a lot of Gamsol, and then rubbed off with a Viva paper towel.


Rock Wall
September 14, 2008, 10:08 am
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Rock Wall, 6x12", oil on panel

Rock Wall, 6x12

Today’s post, also started life as a plein air sketch.  It was done on a square panel.  I questioned when I looked at it, “Do I really need all of this going on?” The top portion featured a pine and birch forest with perhaps too much detail…

Back in Minneapolis, and back in the studio, I decided I was really just interested in the rocks. I selected a new panel, and began repainting. 

The above image is the result.  Much like The Rocks from last week, there is something so wonderful about being able to make paint look solid and heavy.

Sunny Pastures
September 3, 2008, 6:57 pm
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Sunny Pasture, 12x12" oil

Sunny Pasture, 12x12

 I’ve painted this field about a dozen times now.  I think this is one of my favorites.  Some days, the paint just feels great coming off of the brush.  This piece was also done on one of my home made or studio made panels.