Park Lawn Pochade
May 3, 2009, 3:41 pm
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Park Lawn Pochade, 6x8", oil on linen panel, by Jeffrey Smith

Park Lawn Pochade, 6x8", oil on linen panel, by Jeffrey Smith

Spring has finally arrived here in Minnesota! I love painting outdoors this time of year.  The branches of the trees are still very visible, with just enough of the yellow-green foliage of spring to soften the edges. It’s like being able to see the support skeleton underneath.

For my 30th birthday, last Sunday, my partner gave me the gift of a new pochade box.  I couldn’t be happier with it.  It’s something that I’ve wanted for a number of years.  This year, I finally put in the time, and did some reading online.  There are  lot of options out there, and I must say that I love mine.  I have the Blackfootbox from Alla Prima Pochade.  My box is very well constructed and very thoughtfully designed.  Who knew that you could fit almost everything you need to complete a painting in one little box?

pochade box set up

pochade box set up


Studio prep day…making panels.
August 30, 2008, 4:26 pm
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I spent the better part of the day today making panels.  I really enjoy the process of making painting panels; starting with just a blank piece of wood, and ending with something worth painting on.  It does, however, get kinda messy. 

I start by sand each raw panel to rough up the surface.  I use Masonite, cut to the desired size.  I then apply 3 coats of acrylic gesso, giving the panel a 90 degree turn with each coat.  If I want a smoother panel, I sand slightly between coats. 

It is also important to cover the edges of the painting panel.  I seal the back of each panel with acrylic gel medium.

I’ve also tried making a couple panels using Gamblin Traditional Gesso.  I’ve painted on a traditional gesso surface before, and really enjoyed it.  It absorbs some of the paint, which is a very unique feeling when working with oil paint. 

I was at a condo open house in downtown Minneapolis the other day, and saw piece of art hanging on the wall in the model.  I got a great idea for a new paint surface.  I don’t want to give it away before I have the prototype built…..your just going to have to wait on this one.